Our Pastor

Pastor Adrian Tabone  comes to Westlakes Baptist Church with experience in ministry that extends for close to 13 years. Adrian’s ministries included, Youth Director where he served for 4 years. He also served as Deacon for 5 years. Adrian completed 4 years at Victoria Baptist Bible College from 2000-2004 where he completed an advanced certificate in Theology.  He also served as Senior Pastor for 6 years before following the Lord’s leading to Lake Macquarie in 2012. When he arrived here he served as worship leader for one year before being called by the Lord and the church to be their senior pastor.

Adrian has a love for preaching the Word of God. He desires above all else to draw himself to a closer relationship with his Lord by personal study and prayer. He encourages us all to centre our lives upon Christ and His Word. Outside of his church ministries he enjoys fishing as his time to relax.

Adrian and his wife Marlene have a real passion for serving others, especially those in need. They love welcoming people to their homes and are an encouragement for others. They have three children.



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