Our Pastor

Jim Massey has been a part of our church for about 18 years, and during most of that he has been serving as an assistant pastor. Recently the church has called him to be the pastor.

Having been in pastoral roles since 1981, Jim has a lot of experience. About half of that time he has been involved in part time Christian ministry, while also having secular employment.

This year, Jim is retiring from his secular employment to focus on his pastoral ministry. That will be a part time role, with other men in the church assisting him with some of the preaching and other duties.

Jim’s education and training includes a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering as well as a Master of Divinity. He was involved in a church planting ministry in Melbourne for about 20 years, establishing Living Springs Baptist Church in the western suburbs. Most of the time since then he has been serving at Westlakes Baptist Church.

Family values are very important to Jim. He is married to Betty, and they have four children and seven grandchildren.

Love for God and others are seen by Jim as vital, along with a solid foundation built on the Word of God. Reaching out to the lost while training and equipping believers is seen by him as important roles of the church as we seek to glorify God.

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