First Steps Leaders Guide

Have you ever been given directions, and as part of that be told, “just follow your nose”?

That works great if your head is pointed in the right direction. For leading this study, we would like to make sure that your “head is on right!”

We know that your heart must be pretty right, otherwise you wouldn’t have volunteered to lead this small group. Or, did everyone else just take a step backwards? We’ll give you the benefit of the doubt – your heart is right.

Unfortunately, that doesn’t guarantee that you will do a great job as a small group leader.

It’s quite likely that you are gifted in the area of teaching. That’s good, and important. However, as you will see in this study, even that is something that needs to be developed.

I would like to act as your mentor, to some degree, by giving you some tips that will help you to develop those teaching and leadership skills. In following them through I believe that your small group will be a great experience for everyone involved!

This leaders guide is designed with that purpose in mind.

Download: Leader’s Guide