Bible Basics

Following the four lessons in First Steps of Life in Christ – Part One, new believers are encouraged to continue on with Bible Basics – the second part of the series. It is a Bible study tool for one on one discipleship or small group study which provides a framework for such study. It introduces some of the deep truths of the Word of God in a way which is practical, interesting and understandable. Questions for study and discussion are included following each section of the book.

Bible Basics provides an overview of the teachings of the Bible concerning the Christian life. In so doing a foundation is laid for further personal studies. It is designed to help the believer in his or her relationship to God as well as to other believers.

With the proliferation of cults in today’s world, it’s more important than ever for new Christians to be firmly established in the teachings of the Bible. Christianity is not a form of shallow entertainment, but is rather a way of life.

First Steps – Part One includes four lessons that launch a new believer from the starting blocks. If you are using Bible Basics with new Christians we strongly recommended going through Part One first. It will clarify the certainty of their salvation, provide the Bible basis for their assurance, and help them understand baptism and local church involvement.

The book is divided into 21 sections, each with their own set of discussion questions.  It is about 100 pages in length. We encourage groups to be flexible with regard to how much they cover in each session when they meet. Sometimes multiple sections may be covered in one meeting, but there may also be times when the group wants to spread one section over a couple of meetings.

These books have been written within a framework of Baptist doctrine, but it doesn’t push any particular denomination. It does, however, emphasise the importance of being an active member in a local church.

A leader’s guide is also available.