First Steps of Life in Christ

Coming to know Jesus Christ is awesome. With a new life, eyes are opened to a whole new world.

First Steps seeks to help the new believer understand what has happened to him or her and what to do next. In 50 pages, the most basic and important aspects of the Christian life are discussed. It is organised to be used either one on one or in a small group, over four sessions. Those involved read the text and answer the questions in the study guide prior to meeting. When they meet, they discuss the questions and related matters that come up.

The role of the one leading the study is vitally important as the book recognises the importance of the new believer having a good Christian mentor. The leader should therefore be willing to take on that role.

Being Part One of the two part series, First Steps of Life in Christ, it is followed by Bible Basics, a simple study of what the Bible teaches and how we should live. It is meant to form a foundation for a continued life of learning and growth under the ministry of a local church.

The book has been written within a framework of Baptist doctrine, but it doesn’t push any particular denomination. It does, however, emphasise the importance of being an active member in a local church.

Here it is, absolutely free, a gift of grace!